because I don’t

speak the tongue

that cracks the code to the last

blast from the past that ran amok as fast

as a gas tank catching the flame of a match

to the task I understand to be at hand

this man

that lands

like a splash of sizzling coconut oil in my pan

and I play my last hand

in this game

roll the dice it’s like a vice

I’ll say it twice because it’s nice

too nice I’ll say it


I slip the grip and sip the tip because I’m hip to the trip

and the drip drip drip in my mental

potential i’ll mention the intention that I had

was to look twice and cross across the other side

but I was blinded in one eye and took the ride

I felt myself electrify & ignite

the revolution I’ve been carrying inside all this while

I sly a smile because it’s true that from this view

everything looks new & right on cue

like fresh rain

and now I can’t engage the rage I was in flames behind

the door I opened to reveal and find the time

I had to pen inside my head inside my poetry head

the bed I made with him in it

not the rhyme inside my mind nor the verses I assign

to explain my blind design nor the wheel of sex appeal

revealing my very real


and I find in every sign

through the labyrinth of time this is going to be

the dream I’m dreaming and the sleep that maybe I dread,

or maybe I’m scheming

and the truth that maybe I never said but

I am now screaming



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